Wednesday, August 11, 2010


salam readers!
it looks like i have not updated diz blog for a long time...huhu
erm today is the 1st day of ramadhan =)
so far everything is ok...xda lapo2...hahaha
i supposed 2 b happy today b'coz we're in ramadhan rite? but i don't know y, i felt frustrated....disappointed...rite after presentation of ILoP...haisy....
actually i've 3 presentations today...but...ntahla...huhu
start from the beginning until the last class,all d presentations which presented by me was totally K.O!!!!
it supposed 2 b better coz i was in year 2 already but it seems like it was getting worst...adehhh....what a shame on me can't present well in class....
and i admit that it was 1 of my weakness....

when i think back, i feel like i wanna change my course....huhu
diz is not i want actually....
the course that i took was far away from what i want....
i don't think that i can cope with all those subjects...
but what can i do now is, i just can try my best
malaysia boleh!!!!yeahh!!!

i went to kuis last saturday for my best girlfriend's convo,
and i met my SUK & SUI lecturer-the same person actually...huhu
u know what,i feel like i want go back to kuis!!!
i wanna further my study there...huhuhu
but there's 1 problem that i can't further my stdy there....sadisnya...huhu
i miss my old days there....='(
and i'm really sure that i can get what i want there.....

*"kn best kalau kita dpt pa y kita nk n leh pilih sumanya ikut suka ati adakalanya kita kna korbankan jgk pa y kita syg...."

there's 4 years more 2 go,chaiyok2!!!
insya-Allah i can do it.
wish me luck ya!!^_^


tqa.awesome said...

chayyookk kak pija.
kite pon makin putus smngat nih.
sbb makin tough
anyway best gak
challenging :)

aKu & oKtObEr said...

tp t-shy terer dh...huhu
rsa cm xleh bwk ja law nih...=(

~SweeTHeaRT~ said...

rilek r pjot..
hehe thanks dtg knvo aku.. :D

tuh lah suh smbng KUIS hang tak mau..
nak jugek duk atas bukit nun hehe..

ala wei balaj mane2 same jew kowt..tade beza pown..

aku nih pown rase cam hampeh jew amik kos business admin nih da la campur IT..

best mmg la best sbb ade balaj subject IT, tp ssh kowt bile da campur aduk kan dlm business..

mungkin aku pown tak bape paham lg sbb tuh rase ssh aku akan usaha kan jugek tuk abis kan degree aku nih dlm mase 2 tahun..heee..
[bold kan ckit 2 tahun tuh ] hehe

aKu & oKtObEr said...

tau la ko jap ja...
aku laaaammaaaaa lg...
ko doakn utk aku ya...
mudah2an aku dpt abihnkn degree aku nih ngan jayanya..huhu