Wednesday, August 11, 2010


salam readers!
it looks like i have not updated diz blog for a long time...huhu
erm today is the 1st day of ramadhan =)
so far everything is ok...xda lapo2...hahaha
i supposed 2 b happy today b'coz we're in ramadhan rite? but i don't know y, i felt frustrated....disappointed...rite after presentation of ILoP...haisy....
actually i've 3 presentations today...but...ntahla...huhu
start from the beginning until the last class,all d presentations which presented by me was totally K.O!!!!
it supposed 2 b better coz i was in year 2 already but it seems like it was getting worst...adehhh....what a shame on me can't present well in class....
and i admit that it was 1 of my weakness....

when i think back, i feel like i wanna change my course....huhu
diz is not i want actually....
the course that i took was far away from what i want....
i don't think that i can cope with all those subjects...
but what can i do now is, i just can try my best
malaysia boleh!!!!yeahh!!!

i went to kuis last saturday for my best girlfriend's convo,
and i met my SUK & SUI lecturer-the same person actually...huhu
u know what,i feel like i want go back to kuis!!!
i wanna further my study there...huhuhu
but there's 1 problem that i can't further my stdy there....sadisnya...huhu
i miss my old days there....='(
and i'm really sure that i can get what i want there.....

*"kn best kalau kita dpt pa y kita nk n leh pilih sumanya ikut suka ati adakalanya kita kna korbankan jgk pa y kita syg...."

there's 4 years more 2 go,chaiyok2!!!
insya-Allah i can do it.
wish me luck ya!!^_^