Thursday, December 31, 2009


erm...there's nothing much 2 say rite now
speechless n i feel empty
dun know y...
actually i'm waiting 4 my sis 2 fetch me up
either tonite or 2morrow morning...

erm the ending of 2009 n the beginning of 2010
i was wondering how am i going 2 face it
sounds like there are a lot of challenges that i've 2 face
yup...of course...i'm sure that diz sem will be more tougher than my sem 1!
the subjects...lecturers...all those assignments that waiting 4 me
adehhh...i feel like to run away...
far far far away from here...huhu

and of course i've 2 "suffer" n struggle
if i want to get result with flying colours..of course i want it!
no play2 k!!!
but...i don't know whether i can or not =(
i don't think i can score especially arabic...
ops!i've 2 b more confident!!!i'm sure i can if i stdy hard,rite?
"usaha + doa + tawakkal = kejayaan"
remember diz k,pja =)

erm i was thinking bout my life in 2009
there are lot of memories...
at d beginning of diz year, i was at kuis
finishing my diploma
then i graduated in july
ops 4got bout something!
i worked as a teacher eventhough juz for 1 week
such a sweet time...miss them..huhu

n after that, end of july,
i'm usim...2 further my study
4 years and half more 2 go...
such a long journey...huhu
wish me luck...insya-Allah =)

last but not least
welcome 2010 =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

HePi BeSDaY MoM & DaD =)

salam alaik =)
have a wonderful day today!insya-Allah =)

actually, there's a lot of things i want to share here
but, i can't coz i'm quite bz lately...huhu
never mind, as long as i'm still alive,
i'll make sure diz blog alive 2...ngeh3

erm first of all,
i'm sorry mom & dad coz i didn't get a chance 2 update diz blog on ur precious day...
so, a little bit late la...huhu
4 my hero & queen of my heart,
"HePi BeLaTeD BiRtHdAy!!!"
(klau ikut post nih kira belated la...ri2 dh wish dh..huhu
even their b'day on d mood of hr ry,
we gather together2 that nite to celebrate...
coz dad's b'day on 28th Nov &
mom's b'day on 29th Nov...
so 2 b fair n square,we celebrate on 28th nite...ngeh3
2 in 1 lor...hikhikhik
smga pjg umo n mrh rzki slalu ya mak ayah =)
but, alang n his fmly wasn't there...xpa2...len kali ya ^_^
n abg teh too..dh kna nek kpal lak sblm ry haji...huhu

never mind, here's some pic but of course d main actor n actress is juz mom & dad only =)

~kek chocolate chip walnut~
~secret recipe
if i'm not mist

~so sweeeeettt ^_^~

~with their present...~

erm sponsored by :
~suma ank2~
*sharing is caring maaa.... ;)